Come Join My Tea Party...

I Promise I'm not Mad.

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dont joke about murder i was murdered once and it offends me

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July 31st, 1980 ϟ

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im suing my parents for making my face look like this

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For the Anon you asked me to post a picture of myself. Here I am!

Aren’t I a pretty boy. ;)

Oh! Then there’s me in girl form.


The Harry Potter is more recent. It’s like my first skin now.

Someone MARRY ME in Fable III please! I would like to fully complete the game. gamertag - Smiles Like B

Left 4 Dead. Gamertag - Smiles Like B

I will be getting some new games sometime. Anyone?

It’s booked! Harry Potter Studios…AGAIN! Halloween this time. I shall be dressed as none other than Harry Potter himself. My mother brags about how easy it is for me to look like a boy. She says all I need is a short wig. Why is she proud her daughter looks like a boy?